Welcome to Bebe N Me Home, our online boutique where we share with you our passion for interior decor. Here, you’ll find our ever-growing, ever-evolving line of home furnishings. We hope to pique your interest with our curated line of room-defining pieces and to capture your imagination with the layers we offer to adorn them with.

The age of eCommerce’s  takeover of brick and mortar stores is upon us. The internet is full of online furniture giants boasting bloated inventories they coldly alphabetize, color-code, and sort by brand. Every piece is an atomic item, instantly available, yet empty without context. We intend to provide an alternative to this overwhelming, hyper-optimized home decorating industry.

Every item we offer is part of our self-contained vision of what makes a room feel like home. We aren’t out to sell you the isolated chair or ottoman. Rather, we want to help you build the shapes and layers which unify into rooms you’ll want to entertain and live in.

Tracy K. Barnes, Owner/CEO